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High altitude specialty coffee

Small batch single origin and blends roasted in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Born from a love for the Rocky Mountains and the American West and from questions asked back in New York City, the Big Iron Coffee Co. is an expression of passion of a husband and wife team. We are inspired by Steamboat Springs’ western heritage and the tales of cowboys and outlaws who passed through these parts in the days of the Wild West. We also love coffee. Most folks don’t know that coffee, when done right, has a lot of beauty to offer. Just like good whiskey. Our goal is to bring specialty coffee to the Rockies without all the heehaw that many coffee roasters and cafés display. Coffee should be fun–just like good whiskey.
There are lots of goals that the Big Iron Coffee Co. has but our first and most important mission is to get you your giddyup!

Shop Now

We’re not trying to be cool but sadly there are only 7 seats in our mini cafe at the roastery and they fill up quickly. If you want in, show up early. Or head to our downtown location for baked goods and yummy coffee..

Fika Happy Hour   

Happy hour the Swedish way, with coffee and snacks. Monday – Friday *12-1* $1 12oz coffee and $2.00 12oz Lattes. Skål!


Student? Come on in and get 10% off!